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What next?

If you have read this far then you should be pretty well informed about how much you can drink, and what may happen if you drink too much. We have tried to be completely honest and to give you the full facts so that you can make the decisions and take responsibility for your own life.

If you are drinking too much, then it is never too late to do something about it. If you are able to cut down to safer levels then try and do so, if not then get in touch with your family doctor and at least find out if you are running into trouble with your liver or not.

There is a very useful website run jointly by Alcohol Concern and the Alcohol Education and Research Council.


This has a questionnaire tool similar to our \'Drinkulator\' but with more of an emphasis on dependent rather than social drinkers, and some really helpful and practical advice about how to cut down your drinking.

To find your nearest local service visit the Alcohol Services Directory section of www.alcoholconcern.org.uk which maintains a geographical listing of agencies in England & Wales.

For help in Scotland contact Alcohol Focus Scotland, phone number is 0141 572 6700 or www.alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk

Drinkline can also offer you help and advice and details of your local service. Call 0800 917 82 82 (freephone).