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Information about the Drinkulator

The DRINKULATOR traffic light drink calculator can check if your drinking puts you at risk.

The 'Drinkulator' drink calculator has been sponsored with a small grant from the Alcohol Education and Research Council

If you have any technical problems with the drinkulator? Please email support@liverinfo.org.uk.

One or two people have experienced an intermittment fault that prevents progress from page 2, we are trying to find the cause of the problem and would really like to know if you experience it.

Assess your drinking risk with our online drinkulator


Do you have an alcoholic drink most days?


Did you drink more than 2 pints, or a half bottle of wine, or 2 large measures of spirits on any night in the last week?

If the answer is no - then to be honest you are extremely unlikely to have a drink problem.

If the answer is yes - then you are still statistically unlikely to have a drink problem but why not run through the DRINKULATOR questionnaire, and find out?