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Welcome to the drinksafely website

This site is aimed to help you to drink safely.

We live in a society where alcohol is everywhere, and everyone loves a drink. For most people alcohol does no harm to their health, can protect against heart disease and can be very enjoyable.

It is however a mistake to believe that alcohol is harmless.

The UK has a serious drink problem and 3 million people are mildly dependant on alcohol - perhaps 10% of these are are likely to become addicted to alcohol unless they recognise the problem and cut down.

Alcohol is the second biggest risk factor for disease after smoking, most alcohol related problems occur in social drinkers, not in alcoholics - and problems, such as liver disease or liver cancer develop silently with no warning signs.

If you like a drink and would like to know if your drinking is in anyway unsafe then we have developed the DRINKULATOR drink calculator to help you out. By answering a few simple questions about your health and lifestyle we can tell you if your current levels of drinking are safe - or if you should be concerned.

In addition to the DRINKULATOR there are also pages of advice about problems with alcohol, how to recognise them and what to do about them.

Occasionally we get a big burst of publicity about the site, several hundred folks try to do the test at once and it stops working. If you have just heard about us on the radio or in the newspapers and are having problems try again in a day or so. We'll still be here.

Unfortunately when Lycos Europe closed down without telling us we lost a lot of data, togther with all the improvements that had been made to the website since it was first put up. We are slowly sorting this out but please bear with us in the meantime.